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Who Were the Best Cast From the Original Law Order?

Who were the best cast from the original Law-Order? Despite a few exceptions, the series’ best performances were all given by the cast members themselves. We asked fans to vote on their favorite characters and performances, and we got the results! Read on to find out which actor or actress had the best chemistry with the other cast members! You can also vote on the show’s best performances in the poll below!

If you’ve watched the show, you’ve probably noticed a lot of familiar faces in the cast. It’s a two-part approach, and the actors are recognizable faces across America. In fact, many of them have won awards for their performances. Though not every character got a nomination, a handful of them were able to split an Emmy Award for best ensemble performances.Read More About: blastace

Law & Order was NBC’s flagship crime drama, attracting millions of viewers. It’s still going strong after twenty seasons, and the franchise continues to grow. Its spinoffs are SVU and NBC shows. The original show starred John Singleton and Michael C. Hall as a police detective, and it was a huge success. But the new series is already better than the original!

The original Law & Order cast was a dream team. The series’ characters were always complex and well-written, and the characters were always sympathetic. The cast was all-star-quality, but it was the ensemble that made the show so beloved. In season 21, the cast is joined by newcomers and returning stars. Among them are Sam Waterston, Anthony Anderson, Jeffrey Donovan, Odelya Halevi, and Camryn Manheim.

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