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What is the Difference Between Salmonella and Food Poisoning?

If you’re wondering: What is the difference between salmonella and food-poisoning?, here are some things to keep in mind. Salmonella is a bacterium, so it’s not visible or palatable. People who contract this illness experience diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever, and joint pain. In most cases, symptoms of salmonella infection go away on their own after two to seven days, though they can be uncomfortable or even life-threatening.

The bacterium Salmonella enterica is common in animals, and some types cause food poisoning. The Dublin serotype, for example, can cause invasive disease in humans. It can be present in the bloodstream of animals, including cattle and pigs. Luckily, most serotypes are found in a variety of host species. Most strains cause only mild gastroenteritis, but can lead to severe illness in young children, the elderly, and patients with weakened immune systems.

A healthy person suffering from a severe case of salmonella may require hospitalisation. They will be treated with intravenous fluids and may need to take antibiotics if the infection is severe. If diarrhea is severe and accompanied by a high fever, a person may need antibiotics. Once diagnosed, the patient will need to recover and rebuild their bowel system. The difference between food poisoning and salmonella is often difficult to diagnose.Read More About: blastace

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Salmonella infections are caused by eating raw or undercooked eggs, raw or undercooked meat, or contaminated foods. However, cooking destroys the bacteria. Raw beef, poultry, and eggs are known to contain Salmonella. Unwashed vegetables and fruits, and meat and animal products prepared on surfaces with raw meat can also be contaminated. In addition, avoiding touching animals can help protect your health.

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