What Are Some of the Investments That Have Helped Katy Perry’s Net Worth Grow?

Katy Perry has experienced tremendous success in her career as a singer-songwriter and performer, and her net worth has grown newpelis accordingly. In addition to her music career, she has invested in a variety of businesses and projects over the years, helping to grow her wealth. One of the influential investments that has contributed to Katy Perry’s net worth is her involvement in the mobile app, “Katy Perry Pop.” Developed by Glu Mobile Inc., the app allowed fans to create their own avatars and virtually interact with Perry in a variety of ways. It was a great success, with over 10 million downloads. Another aditianovit important investment was Perry’s stake in the mobile app “Partio.” This app was designed to make it easier for people to organize and manage parties, and Perry was a major investor in the company. In addition to these investments, Katy Perry has also invested in the fashion industry. She has an ownership stake in The Marc Jacobs Company, which produces a variety of koditipstricks clothing and accessories. She has also invested in the Fabletics sportswear line, which offers stylish activewear. These investments, in addition to her successful music career, have all helped to grow Katy Perry’s net worth.

By 2013, her net worth had risen to a staggering $135 million. This was due to the success of her albums ‘Teenage Dream’, ‘Prism’, and ‘Witness’. This was also the year Katy Perry earned her highest single-year salary indiantodaynews of $135 million. In 2015, Katy Perry’s estimated net worth was reported to have grown to $280 million, due to her successful Prismatic World Tour and various endorsement deals. By 2017, her net worth had grown even further to $330 million sccbuzz.

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