Do You Prefer a Home With Plaster Walls Or Drywall?

While drywall is a cheaper option, it is also easier to repair than plaster. In addition, plaster is more durable and fine-looking, which are two main reasons why it is more expensive than drywall. However, drywall is also easier to clean. So, whether you prefer a home with plaster walls or drywall, consider the pros and cons of each to decide which type of wall finish will best suit your home.

Both types of walls have their benefits. The pros of plaster include its high-end look and high resale value. Plaster is also a better sound-deadening material than drywall, so homes with plaster walls tend to be quieter. Furthermore, since plaster is denser than drywall, plaster is more sound-proof. This makes it a great option for those who want to enclose a room, but are concerned about noise.

Another advantage of plaster is that it is thicker and provides better thermal breaks than drywall. It reduces energy costs and reduces noise. Due to its chemical makeup, plaster is more durable and should be able to block twice as much sound as drywall. This is especially important in older homes with irregular stud spacing. However, the disadvantages of plaster include its fragility. It can crack, crumble, or even shattered ceilings caused by gravity.

Despite the advantages of plaster walls, a home with drywall walls requires careful planning to avoid cracks. Make sure you have the correct support before you start removing plaster. You can use 1×2 inch boards around the perimeter to prevent plaster from breaking. After that, you can drill a hole in the wall and use a hammer or crowbar to knock out the plaster. If plaster is too difficult to remove, use a drywall screw anchor to remove it.

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